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Homepage of Solar Chimneys website

Welcome to this website dedicated to the description of all the different types of Meteorological Reactors: solar chimneys, energy towers, floating, vortex towers, etc;


The main objective of this non-profit website is to promote awareness and development of renewable energy technology based on updraft solar chimneys, downdraft energy towers, vortex – tornado towers and many other systems of the great family of "Meteorological Reactors".
This site is positioned as a reference knowledge database specialized in "artificial wind" power technologies and intends to describe and explain the way these towers work, how they operate, in order to try to promote their development.


Althrough the "solar chimney" belongs to the solar thermal technologies this website will not describe all of them: the other ones concentrate solar energy, but the solar chimney is a non-concentrating one. This website will only describe the "industrial wind" generators inside chimneys!

Hundreds of websites are dedicated to almost all types of renewable energies (wind, solar, wave energy...). But whereas "classic" solar technologies (photovoltaic, solar thermal concentration, Fresnel mirrors...) are well described, there is a vacuum in solar towers while they represent an entire family of renewable energy whose variety and wealth is largely unknown.
artist view of Enviromission Solar Chimney project in Australia
artist view of Enviromission Solar Chimney project in Australia
The main objective of this web site is to gather at the same place a large number of scientific and technical information about the artificial wind generators: solar chimneys, energy towers, vortex towers...

Several technologies have been described (see Wikipedia descriptions): with hot air (updraft) or with cold air (downdraft); with chimneys: hard, flexible or floating; mountainside towers, etc.
But many of the solar tower variants are little known because some of them are only described in PhD thesis or in books with a quite confidential diffusion.
It is interesting to note that the purpose of these new solar towers (in addition to generate renewable electricity) differs depending on whether they will be installed in deserts, in oceans or at the poles ... They could serve to fight effectively against global warming and particularly against the melting of the poles or in order to irrigate and to green the deserts.

We propose to call “Meteorological reactors” all the different kinds of solar towers: this terminology was suggested by Professor Hervé Le TREUT to Mr. Denis BONNELLE.

This website contains movies, animation, images, news articles, patents, slides in PPS or PDF, links to forums or to websites of interest, but also scientific publications and PhD thesis on solar towers, targeting in particular those of the best international teams (one German, one South African).

To date, only one solar tower industrial-size prototype has been built, tested and maintained during the years 1982-1989 (in Manzanares in Spain). But since then, many projects have been announced all over the world (India, Australia, China, Namibia, USA, Chile ...) and unfortunately none has yet emerged.
This website also intends to inform as soon as possible and as much as possible, about the progress in the implementation of these cost-effective and environmentally friendly clean technologies.

An old picture of the Manzanares power plant in Spain
Meteorological Reactors