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Bi-Directional Rohatensky

   solar chimney working in both sides downdraft and updraft


   playfull: build yourself a small solar updraft chimney


   books, CD-Rom and images on solar chimneys...

Climate Engineering


Coastal Chimney-Daudrich

   on the tropical seafront

Critics and Key Features

   constructive technical analysis and critics

Energy Tower Downdraft

   cold air goes down, evaporating sea water to produce electricity and no need of a greenhous

Equatorial - Bonnelle

   solar chimney without a collector working with latent heat of vaporization

Favorite Links

   interesting websites to complete your information

Films -Movies -Animations

   how do solar chimneys work: movies, interviews, SWF animations

Floating - Papageorgiou

   Flexible solar chimney for better resistance to strong winds

Flying - Sorensen

   solar chimney supported by lighter than air balloons

Frequently Asked Questions

   FAQ all you want to know about solar chimneys, energy towers and meteorological reactors. Questions and Answers


   Goal of this website

Hurricane killer - Hagg

   Solar chimney killer of hurricanes,tornados and cyclones

La Paz Arizona SCPP

   solar chimney La Paz Arizona USA

Meteorological Reactors

   all types of solar chimneys updraft, downdraft, bi-directionnal, floating, etc.

Mr D. Bonnelle's research work

   gravity storage



News from EnviroMission

   Press releases, news and company announcements from EnviroMission

Other Variants of MR

   other types or ideas of meteorological reactors

Patents on Energy Towers

   national, european, americal and world patents on energy towers

Patents on Solar Chimneys

   monadial, european, american and national patents on Solar Updraft Chimneys

PDFs mix 1

   PDFs from vaious sources on SUP, SCPP, SCPT, Solar Chimney Power Plant

Personnal Contributions

   presentations made by Renaud de_Richter, opinions, ideas, inventions

Phase transition heat pipe tower


PhD Thesis

   PhD theis and Master Thesis on solar updraft chimneys

Polar - Bonnelle

   polar chimney working with latent heat of freezing

PPS presentations and DOC

   PPS presentations, and DOC documents

Previous Publications

   articles published in scientific reviews and journals about SCPP - SUP

PSFs mix 2

   PDFs Méli-Mélo on Solar Chimneys years 2009-2011

Publications 2004

   Scientific publications about SCPP, SUP, SCPT, Solar Chimney Power Plant Technology, Updraft Solar Tower, Upwind Solar Tower

Publications 2005

   Articles and scientific publications abour SUP SCPP SCPT solar updraft chimney power plants

Publications 2006

   Scientific articles or publications for year 2006 about SCPP, SCPT, SUP, solar updraft chimney power plant

Publications 2007

   Scientific articles and publications for year 2007 on SCPP or SUP solar updraft chimney power plant

Publications 2008

   Scientific publications year 2008

Publications 2009

   Scientific publications of year 2009 for Solar Updraft Towers

Publications 2010

   Scientific Publications 2010 for Solar Updraft Chimneys with Abstracts and Reference

Publications 2011

   Scientific articles and publications of year 2011 for SCPP SCPT SUP solar updraft chimney power plant

Quick Start

   what do you need to see and read to have a rapid overview

Recent News

   what's on the newspapers? in the blogs? on the web

Scientific Publications ET

   articles published in scientific reviews about Energy Towers

Solar Mountain - Menard

   solar chimney supported by mountain side by Rapahael Menard from Elioth OTH

Solar Pond Tower - Hagg

   A Solar Pond Tower is a combination of a Solar Tower, a Solar Pond and a Hurricane Tower, taking the advantages of all of them.

Solar Pyramid

   pyramid project from MSC Power Corp in Singapour

Solar Updraft Tower

   updraft buoyancy of hot air used to produce electricity with turbines in a solar chimney

Super Chimney 5 km high

   super chimney proposed by Michael Pesochinsky

SWF TEST Solar Pond Tower


Tornado or Vortex Engine

   vortex engine Michaud and Monrad tornado hurricane

Twistower - Hagg

   The Twistower is an ultra light floating and rotating tower which can be applied by a solar updraft tower. In principle the tower is a stable twister bound by a rotating thin walled hollow cylinder.

Vortex Variants

   atmospheric vortex engines AVE hurricane chimney twister tower

Meteorological Reactors